When transportation food products and pharmaceuticals, special attention is paid to timely visits to control points - loading and unloading points as well as the safety of the whole process - observance of temperature regimes, a certain humidity, a clear fixation of cargo in designated places.

When transporting such goods used specialized refrigeration equipment, the necessary parameters are monitored throughout the route of cargo, provides printed reports, which confirm compliance with stringent industry standards. We offer various trackers for different types of transport:

For cars we recommend a simple tracker that allows you to monitor distance and a few simple sensors (for example, "Ignition"):
BI 520L TREK / BI 530 TREK / BI 868 TREK

For cargo transport we recommend to install the trackers with ability to connect various additional sensors:
BI 820 TREK / BI 810 TREK / BI 920 TREK / BI 910 TREK / Temperature sensor

Most of the cargo transport allows installing fuel level sensors in the tank.
Recommended equipment:


  • Time control of visit control points - places of loading and unloading. Compliance with a predefined delivery schedule allows you to maintain the optimal range of products in the field, to be confident in the quality of the delivered products
  • Monitoring the temperature and humidity in refrigerator van. These parameters are collected by the corresponding sensors, stored in the memory of the tracker or immediately transmitted to the telematic server. The dispatcher can quickly react to non-compliance with established norms, receiving notifications in emergency situations
  • Control of driver's working time. In case the transport is managed by different drivers, we recommend using the driver identification system. This equipment together with personal plastic cards will allow you to uniquely identify who and when operated the vehicle

Software has the following features:

Online tracking

Movement history


Detailed information

tables and reports




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