Distinctive features of industry are: variety of technological operations throughout the production phase, requiring control and accounting; significant fuel consumption; wide range of vehicles. Our solutions cover all features of transport in construction sector.

Companies involved in construction business have used a variety of vehicles. We offer various GPS trackers for different types of transport:

For cars we recommend a simple tracker that allows you to monitor distance and a few simple sensors (for example, "Ignition"). Also this equipment is used for а hired transport control, when you connect trackers to the "cigarette lighter" of car.
BI 868 TREK / BI 520 TREK

For cargo transport we recommend to install the trackers with ability to connect various additional sensors:
BI 820 TREK / BI 810 TREK / BI 920 TREK / BI 910 TREK

Constructive features of machinery (bulldozer, excavator, heavy loader) and its usage conditions shows that fuel flow meters are the higher priority method of control and accounting of fuel. Fuel level sensors can be used, but will show lower accuracy in such conditions.
Recommended equipment:


1. Control of working time
In case the transport is managed by different drivers, we recommend using the driver identification system. This equipment together with personalized plastic cards will make it possible to uniquely determine who and when operated the vehicle.
Reader + card

2. Accounting executive mechanisms
Often useful work of construction transport unit is determined not by covered distance, but performing specific operations (lifting an arrow, ladle, etc.). Also typical is the account of work in "the hours". Based on this, we propose solutions allowing counting the number of operations performed by the mechanism, and given the time transport unit.
Recommended equipment:
BI 820 TREK / BI 810 TREK / BI 920 TREK / BI 910 TREK / sensor mechanism

3. Accounting work of tank truck
Control the operation of tank truck we recommend equipment that allows to record the facts of turning on / off the tank truck and direction of barrel rotation – "knead"/"upload"
BI 820 TREK / BI 810 TREK / BI 920 TREK / BI 910 TREK / sensor mixer

Software has the following features:

Online tracking

Movement history


Detailed information

tables and reports




Transport list