Cargo carriers

Distinctive features of industry are: large covered distances, wide geography of traffic, control of the quality and fullness of transported cargo. Our solutions cover all features of transport during cargo transportation.

For cargo transport we recommend to install the GPS trackers with ability to connect various additional sensors:
BI 820 TREK / BI 810 TREK / BI 920 TREK / BI 910 TREK

Most of the cargo transport allows to install fuel level sensors in the tank and operating conditions determine a high accuracy readings.
Recommended equipment:


1. Travel abroad
If your transport leaves your country - use Travel-SIM SIM card. This solution allows your vehicle to transmit data in online mode almost all countries of Europe. The cost of servicing this SIM-card a slightly higher than cost SIM-cards of local operators. Our company delivers equipment with an activated SIM card Travel-SIM for your order.

2. Temperature control
When transporting products that are critical to temperature changes, we recommend the installation of temperature sensors in the cargo bay. Thanks to this solution you will be able to monitor cargo status online.

3. Control of cargo integrity
When transporting cargo, current issue is protection of cargo from robbery. We offer a range of equipment the functions of which are:

  • switch-on guard mode in the cargo compartment
  • alarm in the cab of unauthorized entrance into the cargo compartment
  • alerting dispatcher

4. Control of working time
In case the transport is managed by different drivers, we recommend using the driver identification system. This equipment together with personalized plastic cards will make it possible to uniquely determine who and when operated the vehicle.

5. Control of additional parameters
Most modern technology allows to connect internal data bus (CAN-bus) and read from it information about the various parameters of car. The most popular data are:

  • distance according to onboard computer
  • fuel level in tank
  • fuel consumption (total / instantaneous)
  • engine hours
  • engine speed

For CAN bus connection we offer the following equipment:
BI 920 TREK / BI 910 TREK

Software has the following features:

Online tracking

Movement history


Detailed information

tables and reports




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