WTM — Welcome to monitoring

WTM — complex GPS tracking system and fuel control based on the advanced cloud technologies.

WTM features:

  • Cloud technology - the service is available from anywhere in the world, where there is Internet access
  • Responsible interface – works on any operating system and any screen sizes of mobile devices
  • Data protection – a two-level authorization system with flexible settings for differentiating access rights
  • Multilanguage – each system user works in his native language.
  • System flexibility – fully customizable functionality for each user
  • User-friendly interface.

WTM basic functionality

  • GPS tracking in ONLINE mode
  • Full movement history
  • Working with data in tabular form and in the form of graphs
  • Flexible reports system
  • Multifunctional geofencing module for various business areas
  • Notifications
  • Two-way integration with any other products.

WTM for integrators

  • Integration of equipment from any manufacturer
  • Ability of branding interface
  • Work with the cloud service through your subdomain or purchase of own server software.
  • Powerful administration system with flexible settings
  • Logging all user actions.

The WTM product is constantly improving and upgrading. We can integrate any wishes for the functionality increase, depending on the requirements of the Customer.

Online tracking

Movement history


Detailed information

tables and reports




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