Fort monitor

Fort Monitor — software platform for satellite monitoring of transport. Solution is completely web-oriented, it`s not require software installation on user's computer and ease of use allows you to call Fort Monitor a monitoring system "in 2 clicks."

Features of platform:

  • simple and intuitive interface, work in the program literally in "2 clicks"
  • support a large quantity of terminals on third-party manufacturers
  • interactive reports and easy to use for creat reports
  • high speed of work and reporting
  • configurable user accounts API for developers


  • tracking traffic in real time
  • show the image from received object
  • show the values of all sensors installed on the object
  • creation of reports based on the received data
  • announce about speed limits or violations of entry / exit of controlled territory
  • signals about the critical events and send SMS and E-mail messages
  • оnline data analysis with instant graphics

Special solutions:

  • control drivers via RFID
  • control of harvesting / sowing crops with automatic registration and account the length of sowing or harvesting device
  • control of quality driving
  • control of tanks
  • regional Navigation and Information System according to customer's requirements

Online tracking

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Mobile version

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